FCRA bank account to be integrated with Public Financial Management System (PFMS)

Home Ministry (MHA) requested the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to integrate FCRA accounts with Public Financial Management System (PFMS). This will enable the MHA to monitor the receipt and utilisation of foreign contribution credited in FCRA bank accounts.

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FCRA Registration cancellation list for non-renewal

Approx. 11000 NGO’s FCRA registration has been ceased by  FCRA department due to non-submission of renewal application on time / or deficiency of documents / or for not filing annual return regularly. There is a cancellation list of 234 pages available on fcraonline website. Kindly check if your organization figures in this list then the remedial action would be taken.

You can make call back request for FCRA advisory i.e. available to all NGOs for FREE by Ozg Law or Email to: ask@fcra.in

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