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Price List of Ozg NGO Fundraising Services for FCRA Registered Organization

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Price List of Ozg NGO Services for 2012

Ozg is one of the top NGO service providers in developing world. In partnership with Skf NGO Consultants, it offers services in 129 countries worldwide.

Ozg offers the best of services at unbeatable market price along with top class of customer support services.

Clientele: Ozg is serving to more than 2200 NGOs with in India and many more NGOs worldwide.

Please, find the Ozg Price List for the year 2012-13 in India [i.e., subject to change without prior notice, depending on local market rate].

Note: All prices are in INR and payable in advance to Ozg. All offer services are guaranteed by 99.99 percent with in a given time frame and fees are 100 percent refundable in-case of delay or non-completion of ordered services.

Please, call to # 011-2588-3148 for more info such as – how to order a service and its time frame etc.


  1. => In-person meeting [with Ozg Consultants] for 30-45 Min at any Ozg Center with in India 2000/.
  2. => Video meeting [with Ozg Consultants] for 30-45 Min from Ozg Center in India 500/ .
  3. => In-person meeting [with Ozg Consultants] for 30-45 Min in your preferred business place available at selected cities: 10,000/ excluding Local Travel Cost.

NGO Fundraising Services

  1. 1. NGOregistry ngoregistry.com [ FREE ]
  2. 2. Proposal.Repository proposalrepository.com [ FREE ]
  3. 3. Liaisoning – liaisoning.com [ Depends on Project ]


1. NGO Award Function – Starting from 50,000/

2. NGO Conference – Starting from 40,000/

3. NGO Gala Nights – Starting from 50,000/

4. NGO Workshops – Starting From 30,000/


1. Website Design including Hosting: Starting from 1800/ year

2. Email: Starting from 500/ year

3. Contents writing for Website – Starting from 1000/

4. SEO – Starting from 2000/

In Print Services

1. Visiting Card – 1000 pieces for 360/

2. Booklet – Depends on paper quality and no. of units.

3. Brochure – Starting from 2000/

4. Banner – Starting from 1500/


1. Project Proposal – Starting from 1000/

2. Project Report – Starting from 1000/

3. Event Report – Starting from 1000/

4. Planning / Policy Document – Starting from 2000/

5. Concept Note – Starting from 1000/

6. Presentation / NGO Profile – Starting from 1000/

7. Video Documentary excluding travel cost – Starting from 3500/

8. Brochure – Starting from 350/

9. Booklet or Annual Report – Starting from 1500/

Exclusively for foreign fundraising: If documents are edited by a native English speaker [a person born, raised and educated in English speaking country such as United States, Canada, UK etc.] then it will attract 2000/ extra on above price.

Associate Services

1. Financial Consultancy – Starting from 1000/

2. Internal Audit – Starting from 1000/

3. External Audit – Starting from 2000/

4. Audit report – Starting from 2000/

5. Income Tax Return – Starting from 500/

6. Utilization Certificate – Starting from 500/

7. Budgeting of projects at current market rate – Starting from 1000/

Basic Services

1. Project Execution & Support – Starting from 3000/

2. Project Monitoring & Evaluation – Starting from 5000/

3. An experienced Freelancer on day basis – Starting from 1000/


1. Multi-State Co-Operative Society Registration – 10,000/

2. Non-Profit Company – 15,000/

3. ISO for NGO – Depending on type of ISO certification

4. 35AC Registration – 10,000/

5. FCRA Registration – 10,000/

6. FCRA Prior Permission – 10,000/

7. FCRA Amendments – 2,000/

8. FCRA Return – 500/

9. FCRA Complex Cases – 15,000/


1. Fresher Hiring – 1000/ each hire

2. Experienced Hiring – 2000/ each hire

To get a complete list of Ozg NGO Services along with price list, please register for FREE at NGOregistry.com or call to # 011-2588-3148.

Ozg NGO TV @ NGO.ozg.tv

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