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FCRA Registration Cancelled List of NGO in Jharkhand

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  • FCRA Registration, Compliance & Compounding
    On 1/August/2019 the home ministry given a one-time exemption to NGOs, whose FCRA registrations were cancelled for not filing annual returns, to apply for registration within three months.For uploading missing annual returns on the FCRA Portal, no penalty will be imposed.Ozg Lawyers | Ozg Lawyers | Ozg Lawyers | Ozg LawyersFor other violations of the provisi […]
  • FCRA Donation received from NRI (OCI card holders) will be treated as domestic or foreign funds?
    Ozg Lawyers Ⓥ Ozg Lawyers Ⓥ Ozg Lawyers Ⓥ Ozg LawyersIs fund received from NRI (OCI card holders) will be treated as domestic or foreign fund? It can be either of one and depends on following two points. Repatriable Investments (Foreign): Such investments are made through money in Non-resident external (NRE) accounts or FCNR accounts. These type of accounts […]
  • List of Donor Agencies exempted under FCRA
    List of agencies of the United Nations, and other international agencies and organisationsnotified by the Central Government to be not covered by the definition of 'foreign source', under section 2(1)(j)(ii) of the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010The United Nations SystemI. Secretariat1. Office of Internal Oversight Services, New York.2. […]
  • Fcra Return Filing Due Date
  • How to find FCRA Renewal Status?
    How can we know, what is the status of application of FCRA renewal? This is the question, every organization is asking now days. Yes, if you are waiting regarding any communication from FCRA department at MHA, regarding FCRA renewal status, here are some info for you.Twitter Updates Nowdays, many #NGO are facing problems with #FcraRenewal because they are st […]
  • FCRA Registration Status: Cancellation List in Kolkata / West Bengal
    Sr. No.Registration Number          NameYear of Cancellation1147110200RSabuj Sansad20172147040124RMaisali Indira Yuba Kalyan Sansad20173147000139RKasturba Peace Centre20174147040458RPayrachak Vivekananda Jana Seva Sangha20175147120571RScottlane Poverty Eradication Centre20176147120564RThe Society For Research On Haematology And Blood Transfusion2017714704045 […]
  • FCRA Registration Status: Cancellation List, Telangana
    Sr. No.Registration Number        NameYear of Cancellation1368140039RLIVING WATERS MINISTRIES TRUST20172010230321RJohn Abraham Memorial Bethany Home20173010240023RKrushi20174010250168RASHA POSITIVE PEOPLE ASSOCIATION20175010230870RSt.Marys Education Society20176010220251RINFOTECH ENTERPRISES CHARITABLE TRuST20177010230841RBethestha Ministries20178010360140RO […]


Sr. No. Registration Number Association Name Cancellation Date
1 337760002R Jharkhand Samajik Vikash Nyas 12/05/2015
2 337710003R Jharkhand Pradesh Utthan Sansthan 12/05/2015
3 337800168R Jharkhand Jagriti Manch 12/05/2015
4 337790009R Jeevan Jyoti 12/05/2015
5 337790030R Jan Vikas Samiti 12/05/2015
6 337750055R Jan Kalyan Foundation 12/05/2015
7 337750056R Jan Chetna Kendra 12/05/2015
8 337800133R Jan Chetna Gramin Vikas Parishad 12/05/2015
9 337750076R JAISHREE CRUSAIDS 12/05/2015
10 337680054R Ira Institute of Rural Management 12/05/2015
11 337680049R Harijan Aadiwasi Khadi Gramodyog Sangh 12/05/2015
12 337680059R Gramin Mahila Vikas Kendra 12/05/2015
13 337800142R Garur Kalyan Kendra 12/05/2015
14 337740004R Epiphany Hostel for Girls 12/05/2015
15 337740014R Epiphany Hostel For Boys Kamdara 12/05/2015
16 337800090R Dorma Ursuline Convent Girls School 12/05/2015
17 337680018R Community Development Centre 12/05/2015
18 337800128R Chotanagpur Samajik Vikash Samiti 12/05/2015
19 337800057R Childrens Aid 12/05/2015
20 337820039R Chauharmal Yuva Seva Sanstha 12/05/2015
21 337690008R Buddha Shaikshanik Vikas Parishad 12/05/2015
22 337690006R Buddha Shaikshanik Vikas Parishad 12/05/2015
23 337810006R Birsa Seva Sanstha 12/05/2015
24 337800007R Bihar Eye Bank Trust 12/05/2015
25 337680051R Bhartiyha Manav Kalyan Seva Sansthan 12/05/2015
26 337660012R Bhartiya Gramothan Evam Janhit Sewa Sansthan 12/05/2015
27 337790025R Bharat Bharti Pragya Mandal Trust 12/05/2015
28 337680032R Bhagwati Development Samittee 12/05/2015
29 337820005R Association for Social & Human Awareness 12/05/2015
30 337750065R Association for Leadership and Development 12/05/2015
31 337660022R ASHA LATA VIKLANG VIKAS KENDRA 12/05/2015
32 337820009R All Saints Girls Hostel 12/05/2015
33 337700001R Akhil Bhartiya Pahadiya Aadim Janjati Uthan Samitee 12/05/2015
34 337800151R Adivasi Krishak Mahila Kalyan Parisad 12/05/2015
35 337700007R Adivasi Kalyan Parishad 12/05/2015
36 337800098R Adivasi Jan Kalyan Samiti 12/05/2015
37 337800081R Adim Jati Seva Mandal 12/05/2015
39 337670005R Adarsh Path 12/05/2015
40 337800183R Adarsh Bal Vikash Ewam Saichhnik Sanstha. 12/05/2015
41 337820037R Young Men’s Christian Association 12/05/2015
42 337790024R Vivek For Vikas 12/05/2015
43 337800124R Visvamanav Seva Sansthan 12/05/2015
44 337800060R Vikash Maitri 12/05/2015
45 337720005R Vikas Seva Sangh 12/05/2015
46 337790023R Vikas International 12/05/2015
47 337800126R vikas Darpan 12/05/2015
48 337800180R VaniVikas 12/05/2015
49 337800088R Uursuline Convent Girls School Hostel 12/05/2015
50 337800002R Utthaan 12/05/2015
51 337800089R Ursuline Girls School 12/05/2015
52 337710004R Udyami Adivasi Mahila Vikas Kendra 12/05/2015
53 337800191R THE DIVINE SAVIOUR TRUST 12/05/2015
54 337780014R The Trust of Ebhen 12/05/2015
55 337800160R Sudhira Samajik Chetna Ewam Prashikshan Kendra 12/05/2015
56 337800063R St. Stephen Boys Hostel 12/05/2015
57 337800026R St. Maries Girls Hostel 12/05/2015
58 337820007R St. Manicas Girls Hostel 12/05/2015
59 337800062R St. Lukes Girls Hostel 12/05/2015
60 337820008R St. Augustines Boys Hostel 12/05/2015
61 337800025R St. Agnes Girls Hostel 12/05/2015
62 337680042R Sri Sri Balananda Trust 12/05/2015
63 337800174R SPRINGS OF LIVING WATER 12/05/2015
64 337820059R Sparsh-Society for Promotion of Art Research into Socio-Economic-Culture Heritage 12/05/2015
65 337800149R Society of Wealhome Village People’s Welfare 12/05/2015
66 337800130R Society for integrated Rural Development 12/05/2015
67 337800136R Social Welfare Centre 12/05/2015
68 337750074R Social Upliftment Trust 12/05/2015
69 337830011R Sidhu Kanhu Alpasankhyak Vikas Samittee 12/05/2015
70 337680056R Shri Baidyanath Foundation 12/05/2015
71 337690012R Shree Laljee Prashikshan Kendra 12/05/2015
72 337700009R Shikaripara Samaagra Vikas Parishad 12/05/2015
73 337800177R Sharda Social Weifare And Educational Trust 12/05/2015
74 337800150R Sewa(Social, Economic,Welfare,Association) 12/05/2015
75 337770005R Sewa Mitra Kuru 12/05/2015
76 337800091R Sanskriti Vihar 12/05/2015
77 337800189R Sandhani Antah Dhara Samiti 12/05/2015
78 337660011R Samdarshi Vikas Samiti 12/05/2015
79 337820057R Samaj Vikas Kendra 12/05/2015
80 337790017R Samaj Kalyan Vikas Seva Sanstha 12/05/2015
81 337810005R Saheli Adhyayan Kendra 12/05/2015
82 337730005R Rotary Club of Giridh Charitable Trust 12/05/2015
83 337680061R Rashtra Sourav 12/05/2015
84 337750068R Radha Govind Public Welfare Society 12/05/2015
85 337800121R Promoters of Pro-active civic energy (Pro-pace) 12/05/2015
86 337800010R Pragati Parishad 12/05/2015
87 337790010R Plateau Development Organisation 12/05/2015
88 337800106R People for Animals 12/05/2015
89 337800084R Parvatiya Dargam Shiksha Vikas 12/05/2015
90 337800138R Paarth-Sarthi Progressive Educational Society 12/05/2015
91 337690002R Nirsha Vikas Organisation 12/05/2015
92 337800188R Navbharat Welfare Society 12/05/2015
93 337660007R Naotoli St. Ursula Project 12/05/2015
94 337790018R Nai Disha 12/05/2015
95 337800117R Munda Development and Action Committee 12/05/2015
96 337800068R Momin Bunker Kissan Vikas Samiti 12/05/2015
97 337680037R Manav Seva Sansthan 12/05/2015
98 337750059R Manav Chetna Vikash Kendra 12/05/2015
99 337720001R Manas Pariwartan, Gandhinagar 12/05/2015
100 337800078R Mahila Dastkari Vidyalaya 12/05/2015
101 337750069R Mahila Vikas Kendra 12/05/2015
102 337750080R Madhabi Memorial Charitable Trust 12/05/2015
103 337690010R Lifetech Development Institution Trust 12/05/2015
104 337740023R Kshipra Vikas Sanstha 12/05/2015
105 337750039R KNH Home 12/05/2015
106 337800022R Kishor Nagar Institute of Social & Educational Development 12/05/2015
107 337660024R Khwaza Garib Nawaz Mahila Samiti 12/05/2015
108 337800127R Kejriwal Educational Charitable Trust 12/05/2015
109 337800178R KAMLA NEHRU VIDYA MANDIR 12/05/2015
110 337690005R Kamini Seva Sadan 12/05/2015
111 337800185R JHARKHAND VIKAS SANSTHA 12/05/2015
112 337800143R Jharkhand Utthan Sanstha 12/05/2015
113 337680003R Jharkhand Udyogik Prasichan Sansthan 12/05/2015
114 337820006R St. Augustins College 04/12/2014
115 337820022R Bharat Seva Shram Sangha 26/05/2014
116 337800072R Organisation for Development Activities,Bihar 20/07/2012
117 337680038R Mahila Kalyan Awam Manor Utthan Sadbhawana Samitee` 20/07/2012
118 337690001R Dr. Ambedkar Lok Utthan Kendra 20/07/2012
119 337800080R Ranchi Consortium For Community Forestry 20/07/2012
120 337800164R Technical Education and Rural Society. 20/07/2012
121 337750063R Anusuchit Jati Jan Jati Vikash Kendra 20/07/2012
122 337800006R Research Inst. for Civil Health & Integration 20/07/2012
123 337790016R Rachnatmik Vikas Seva Sansthan 20/07/2012

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