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FCRA Registration Cancelled List of NGO in Nagaland

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  • FCRA Donation received from NRI (OCI card holders) will be treated as domestic or foreign funds?
    Ozg Lawyers Ⓥ Ozg Lawyers Ⓥ Ozg Lawyers Ⓥ Ozg LawyersIs fund received from NRI (OCI card holders) will be treated as domestic or foreign fund? It can be either of one and depends on following two points. Repatriable Investments (Foreign): Such investments are made through money in Non-resident external (NRE) accounts or FCNR accounts. These type of accounts […]
  • List of Donor Agencies exempted under FCRA
    List of agencies of the United Nations, and other international agencies and organisationsnotified by the Central Government to be not covered by the definition of 'foreign source', under section 2(1)(j)(ii) of the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010The United Nations SystemI. Secretariat1. Office of Internal Oversight Services, New York.2. […]
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  • How to find FCRA Renewal Status?
    How can we know, what is the status of application of FCRA renewal? This is the question, every organization is asking now days. Yes, if you are waiting regarding any communication from FCRA department at MHA, regarding FCRA renewal status, here are some info for you.Twitter Updates Nowdays, many #NGO are facing problems with #FcraRenewal because they are st […]
  • FCRA Registration Status: Cancellation List in Kolkata / West Bengal
    Sr. No.Registration Number          NameYear of Cancellation1147110200RSabuj Sansad20172147040124RMaisali Indira Yuba Kalyan Sansad20173147000139RKasturba Peace Centre20174147040458RPayrachak Vivekananda Jana Seva Sangha20175147120571RScottlane Poverty Eradication Centre20176147120564RThe Society For Research On Haematology And Blood Transfusion2017714704045 […]
  • FCRA Registration Status: Cancellation List, Telangana
    Sr. No.Registration Number        NameYear of Cancellation1368140039RLIVING WATERS MINISTRIES TRUST20172010230321RJohn Abraham Memorial Bethany Home20173010240023RKrushi20174010250168RASHA POSITIVE PEOPLE ASSOCIATION20175010230870RSt.Marys Education Society20176010220251RINFOTECH ENTERPRISES CHARITABLE TRuST20177010230841RBethestha Ministries20178010360140RO […]
  • FCRA Registration Status: Cancelled List, Tamil Nadu
    Sr. No.Registration Number        NameYear of Cancellation1075960013RRural Development Federation20172076040132RYoung Women`s Christian Association Of Tirchirappalli20173075890225RSt Pauls Childrens Home20174075890283RGramiya Educational Development Trust20175075870030RSamaritan Association20176075840019RCo-operation League In Development And Employment20177 […]


Sr. No. Registration Number Association Name Cancellation Date
1 164730011R Zeliangrong Zemi Baptist Church Council 12/05/2015
2 164730044R Yerms Co-operative Society 12/05/2015
3 164780013R Women Welfare Society 12/05/2015
4 164770007R Voices Club 12/05/2015
5 164780003R Vankhosan Community Development Project 12/05/2015
6 164730101R United Tribal Society 12/05/2015
7 164770014R TRUTH TRIUMPH MISSION 12/05/2015
8 164730082R Trinamool Welfare Society 12/05/2015
9 164730052R Tribal Women Welfare Society 12/05/2015
10 164730076R Three Sister’s Welfare Society 12/05/2015
11 164770003R Thevopisumi Community Development Project 12/05/2015
12 164730069R Sylwoo Trust 12/05/2015
13 164730070R Study and Action for Comprehensive Development 12/05/2015
14 164730051R St.Andrew Studentsand Staff Multipurpose 12/05/2015
15 164750002R Shamatore Community Development Project 12/05/2015
16 164730033R Senjum Women Welfare Society 12/05/2015
17 164730056R Rural Community Services 12/05/2015
18 164730025R Rongmei Weavers’ Co-operative Society 12/05/2015
19 164770008R Ritse’s Socio Economic and Cultural Society,Khezhkena Village 12/05/2015
20 164730020R Rengma Community Development Project 12/05/2015
21 164730110R Preservation of Environment & Wild – Life Organisation 12/05/2015
22 164770004R Phek Area Community Development Project 12/05/2015
23 164730059R Oli Welfare Society 12/05/2015
24 164750005R Old Manlakai Rural Development Society 12/05/2015
25 164730113R Oking Hospital and Research Clinic Welfare Society 12/05/2015
26 164730114R Noahs Ark Ministry Society 12/05/2015
27 164730081R Nagaland Peace Centre 12/05/2015
28 164730084R Nagaland Kachari Tribal Women Organisation 12/05/2015
29 164730085R Mountain View Christian College Educational Society 12/05/2015
31 164730022R Ministry of Mount Mary Academy 12/05/2015
32 164750006R Medical Women Welfare Society 12/05/2015
33 164790001R M/s.Samaritan Society(Regd) 12/05/2015
34 164730112R Lima Aier Memorial School 12/05/2015
35 164730050R Likya Women Multipurpose Welfare Society 12/05/2015
36 164730128R LIGHTNING CLUB 12/05/2015
37 164730063R Khukishe Welfare Society 12/05/2015
38 164730058R Kekhrie Welfare Society 12/05/2015
39 164780005R K.G School / Tribal Welfare Christian School 12/05/2015
40 164780008R Grace English School 12/05/2015
41 164730029R Educated Unemployed Union of Nagaland 12/05/2015
42 164730003R Comprehensice Rural Development Services 12/05/2015
43 164780002R Chukitong Area Baptist English School 12/05/2015
44 164780009R Christian English School 12/05/2015
45 164770005R Chouzuba Area Baptist Association 12/05/2015
46 164760002R Chen Women Development Society 11/05/2015
47 164760003R Chen Wankon Development Society 11/05/2015
48 164750004R Chang Community Development Project 11/05/2015
49 164770001R Chakhesang Women Welfare Society 11/05/2015
50 164730108R Celeste Welfare Society 11/05/2015
51 164780012R Bethel Statndard English School 11/05/2015
52 164730086R Baptist College 11/05/2015
53 164750007R Backward Development Trust 11/05/2015
54 164780001R Assembly of God English School 11/05/2015
55 164740001R Aolijen Community Development Project 11/05/2015
56 164730015R Amgami Baptist Council of Churches 17/11/2014
57 164740004R Tribal Gospel Mission 20/07/2012
58 164730006R Western Sema Community Development Project 20/07/2012
59 164780004R Wokha Family Development Project 20/07/2012
60 164730074R North East Welfare Society 20/07/2012
61 164730096R Associates for Integrated Development 20/07/2012
62 164730042R Acme Ethnic Society 20/07/2012
63 164740002R Alain Socio-Economic Transformation Project 20/07/2012
64 164730007R Keruma Community Development Project 20/07/2012
65 164730049R Chewang Society 20/07/2012
66 164730047R Kiwi Society 20/07/2012
67 164730048R Shan Women Society 20/07/2012
68 164730099R Progressive Rural Development 20/07/2012
69 164730121R NAGALAND SCHOLAR SOCIETY 20/07/2012
70 164730045R Nzan Women and Child Welfare Society 20/07/2012
71 164790002R Zunheboto Range Elders Union 20/07/2012
72 164780011R Omega Ministry 20/07/2012
73 164730039R Operation Dawn Nagaland 20/07/2012
74 164730090R G.C.Y.M Charity Trust 20/07/2012
75 164730111R Caring Cross Society 20/07/2012
76 164730088R Good Shepherd Welfare Society 20/07/2012
77 164730093R Young People’s Welfare Society 20/07/2012
78 164730038R Supreme Task (International) 20/07/2012
79 164730118R VISION HOME CLUB 20/07/2012
80 164780007R Sanis Baptist English School 20/07/2012
81 164730106R Nagaland Agro Development Society Ltd. 20/07/2012
82 164730066R North East Social Communications(NESCOM) 20/07/2012
83 164730073R Valley Welfare Association 20/07/2012
84 164730001R Sharon Childrens Home 20/07/2012
85 164730041R Rural Area Welfare Association 20/07/2012
86 164730071R Youth Life Moulding Centre 20/07/2012
87 164730091R House for Prayer for all Nations 20/07/2012
88 164730026R Rongmei Naga Community Development Project 20/07/2012

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