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FCRA Registration Cancelled List of NGO in Punjab

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     FAQ on FCRA 2020 @OzgLawGo to 📲 fcraonline.ozg.inSupport ☎️ WA.me/918779696580FAQ - 🟣 Can public servant receive FCRA funds through their NGO?⛔ No public servant, as defined in #Section21 of IPC (indianpenalcode.ozg.in), can receive foreign contributions. The clause (c) of sub-section (1) of section 3 of the FCRA Act has amended, to include “public servant” […]
  • FCRA Registration, Compliance & Compounding
    On 1/August/2019 the home ministry given a one-time exemption to NGOs, whose FCRA registrations were cancelled for not filing annual returns, to apply for registration within three months.For uploading missing annual returns on the FCRA Portal, no penalty will be imposed.Ozg Lawyers | Ozg Lawyers | Ozg Lawyers | Ozg LawyersFor other violations of the provisi […]
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  • List of Donor Agencies exempted under FCRA
    List of agencies of the United Nations, and other international agencies and organisationsnotified by the Central Government to be not covered by the definition of 'foreign source', under section 2(1)(j)(ii) of the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010The United Nations SystemI. Secretariat1. Office of Internal Oversight Services, New York.2. […]


Sr. No. Registration Number Association Name Cancellation Date
1 115270005R Word of Life Fellowship 12/05/2015
2 115260007R Womens Christian Service 12/05/2015
3 115210001R The Leprosy Home and Hospital 12/05/2015
4 115320013R The Global Education Promotion Society of India(GEPSI) 12/05/2015
5 115310002R Sundran Community Development Project 12/05/2015
6 115290001R Sri Guru Ravidas Educational Trust 12/05/2015
7 115210013R Socio Economic Development Programme 12/05/2015
8 115320004R Shri Ram Krishan Ashram 12/05/2015
9 115390001R Shri Nabh Kanwal Raja Sahib Memorial Trust Charitable Hospital 12/05/2015
10 115210032R Shri Durgiana Committee(regd.) 12/05/2015
11 115300033R shree Rama sewak sangh 12/05/2015
12 115260023R Sewa Sadan Leporsy Colony 12/05/2015
13 115300023R Sewa Punjab India 12/05/2015
14 115310007R Senior Citizens Welfare Association 12/05/2015
15 115330004R Rural Organisation for Medical Assistance 12/05/2015
16 115210014R Rotary World Eye Foundation Intraocular Lens Society 12/05/2015
17 115280011R Rajan Memorial Hospital & Opthalmic Institute 12/05/2015
18 115320025R RADHAJI CHARITABLE TRUST 12/05/2015
19 115210016R Radha Sham Kusht Ashram 12/05/2015
20 115280030R PUNJAB DEVELOPMENT TRUST 12/05/2015
21 115330006R Punjab Agro and Foor Development Society 12/05/2015
22 115230004R Parmanand Dham Kusht Ashram 12/05/2015
23 115360001R Noel Mission School 12/05/2015
24 115310011R Nishkam Sewa Kendra 12/05/2015
25 115300011R Nishkam Sewa Ashram 12/05/2015
26 115320009R Nevedac Prosthetic Centre 12/05/2015
27 115320018R Netra Prakash Society 12/05/2015
28 115330002R Netaji Subash Azad Samajik Hindu Kusht Ashram 12/05/2015
29 115210034R National Youth Development Centre 12/05/2015
30 115320007R National Institute Of Pharmaceutical Education And Research 12/05/2015
31 115230002R Mission Primary School 12/05/2015
32 115230001R Methodist Church in India 12/05/2015
33 115260009R Methodist Church Batala Distt 12/05/2015
34 115320012R Maranatha Educational & Welfare Society 12/05/2015
35 115270002R M.E Chatterji CNI Childrens Home 12/05/2015
36 115260012R Little Flower Capuchin Service Society 12/05/2015
37 115310005R Krisnopur Kusht Lachar Sewa Sangh 12/05/2015
38 115310009R Krishna Puri Kushtlachar Seva Sangh 12/05/2015
39 115280016R Indian Mushroom Research Institute 12/05/2015
40 115320001R Henderson Memorial Girls High School 12/05/2015
41 115300024R H.R.Aggarwal Charitable Hospital Society 12/05/2015
42 115300022R Gurmat Gian Charitable Trust 12/05/2015
43 115260008R Girl Middle Mission School 12/05/2015
44 115290004R Ganga Nirualla Kusht Ashram 12/05/2015
45 115260017R Fulton Hospital CNI MM High School 12/05/2015
46 115300006R Ewing Christian Primary School 12/05/2015
47 115320021R Entrepreneurship Training and Rural Development Initiatives 12/05/2015
48 115360002R Distt. Youth Welfare Association 12/05/2015
49 115300002R Community Development Programme 12/05/2015
50 115340005R CNI Childrens Home 12/05/2015
51 115300005R CNI Children Hostel 12/05/2015
52 115320003R Christian High School 12/05/2015
53 115300004R Christian Fellowship Centre 12/05/2015
54 115310004R Centre For Community Deelopment & Technology 12/05/2015
55 115260001R C.N.I. Childrens Home 12/05/2015
56 115330001R Bhatinda District of Delhi Regional Conference of Methodist Church in India 12/05/2015
57 115230003R Bhatinda Disrict of Methodist Church of India 12/05/2015
58 115270004R Bhagat Singh Kusht Ashram 12/05/2015
59 115290003R Bebe Nankiistri Satsang Charitable Trust 12/05/2015
60 115260003R Batala Rural Community Development Project 12/05/2015
61 115310001R Barash Community Development Project 12/05/2015
62 115310010R Baba Fand Memorial Society 12/05/2015
63 115260010R Avalon K.G. & Primary School 12/05/2015
64 115280004R Apahaj Ashram 12/05/2015
65 115210025R Anand Model Educational Society 12/05/2015
66 115260005R Allen Memorial Primary School 12/05/2015
67 115260022R Adarsh Kusht Ashram 12/05/2015
68 115300012R Punjab Education Board of Church of North India 08/12/2014
69 115210026R Dr.Hehnemann Social and Welfare Society 20/07/2012
70 115330005R Luxmi Social Welfare Society 20/07/2012
71 115210017R Guru Gobind Singh Education Society 20/07/2012
72 115310006R Nav Jivini 20/07/2012
73 115280015R Shiv Ram Lajwanti Manchanda Memorial Arya Samaj Charitable Hospital 20/07/2012
74 115270003R M.E. Chaterjee Girls Middle School 20/07/2012
75 115210011R Saint Marys Hospital 20/07/2012

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