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FCRA Registration Status: Cancelled List of 2017, Kerala

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  • FCRA Registration, Compliance & Compounding
    On 1/August/2019 the home ministry given a one-time exemption to NGOs, whose FCRA registrations were cancelled for not filing annual returns, to apply for registration within three months.For uploading missing annual returns on the FCRA Portal, no penalty will be imposed.Ozg Lawyers | Ozg Lawyers | Ozg Lawyers | Ozg LawyersFor other violations of the provisi […]
  • FCRA Donation received from NRI (OCI card holders) will be treated as domestic or foreign funds?
    Ozg Lawyers Ⓥ Ozg Lawyers Ⓥ Ozg Lawyers Ⓥ Ozg LawyersIs fund received from NRI (OCI card holders) will be treated as domestic or foreign fund? It can be either of one and depends on following two points. Repatriable Investments (Foreign): Such investments are made through money in Non-resident external (NRE) accounts or FCNR accounts. These type of accounts […]
  • List of Donor Agencies exempted under FCRA
    List of agencies of the United Nations, and other international agencies and organisationsnotified by the Central Government to be not covered by the definition of 'foreign source', under section 2(1)(j)(ii) of the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010The United Nations SystemI. Secretariat1. Office of Internal Oversight Services, New York.2. […]
  • Fcra Return Filing Due Date
  • How to find FCRA Renewal Status?
    How can we know, what is the status of application of FCRA renewal? This is the question, every organization is asking now days. Yes, if you are waiting regarding any communication from FCRA department at MHA, regarding FCRA renewal status, here are some info for you.Twitter Updates Nowdays, many #NGO are facing problems with #FcraRenewal because they are st […]
  • FCRA Registration Status: Cancellation List in Kolkata / West Bengal
    Sr. No.Registration Number          NameYear of Cancellation1147110200RSabuj Sansad20172147040124RMaisali Indira Yuba Kalyan Sansad20173147000139RKasturba Peace Centre20174147040458RPayrachak Vivekananda Jana Seva Sangha20175147120571RScottlane Poverty Eradication Centre20176147120564RThe Society For Research On Haematology And Blood Transfusion2017714704045 […]
  • FCRA Registration Status: Cancellation List, Telangana
    Sr. No.Registration Number        NameYear of Cancellation1368140039RLIVING WATERS MINISTRIES TRUST20172010230321RJohn Abraham Memorial Bethany Home20173010240023RKrushi20174010250168RASHA POSITIVE PEOPLE ASSOCIATION20175010230870RSt.Marys Education Society20176010220251RINFOTECH ENTERPRISES CHARITABLE TRuST20177010230841RBethestha Ministries20178010360140RO […]


Sr. No. Registration Number         Name Year of Cancellation
2 052940066R Janasevan Kendra 2017
3 052890098R HOPE FOUNDATION 2017
4 052910234R Subha Mahila Samajam 2017
5 052870334R Indian Institute of Transactional analysis and Avila School of Counselling 2017
6 052810095R Priests Providence Of Alleppey 2017
7 052950036R Karunalaya Hospital 2017
8 052940032R Avial Dhyanashram 2017
9 052930153R Ranny Marthoma Medical Mission Centre 2017
10 052910382R Janasree Sustainable Development Mission 2017
11 052940087R Kolumban Smaraka Memorial Society 2017
12 052950062R Ernad Charitable Trust 2017
13 052910237R Bharath Social Service Centre 2017
14 052880100R The Rotary Club Of Calicut 2017
15 052880057R Society Of Sisters Of Charity 2017
16 052850372R Ka Mathews Foundation 2017
17 052980118R Lutheran Mission Church,sulthans Battery 2017
18 052850335R Christava Mahilalayam 2017
19 052870023R Centre For Development Action 2017
20 052910329R Villa Nazareth Charitable Trust 2017
21 052910026R Trivandrum District Fishermen Federation 2017
22 052900300R Mount Carmel Church 2017
23 052930179R Young Mens Christian Associatioh 2017
24 052880129R Villuappalli Muslim Jumaath 2017
25 052810135R Adi Parasakthi Ashramam Charitable Trust 2017
26 052900299R Amala Vanitha Kshemam 2017
27 052880082R Beypore Orphanage Committee 2017
28 052870224R Carmel Technocraft Training Centre 2017
29 052940076R Periyar Foundation 2017
30 052930147R St Aloysius Monastery 2017
31 052910141R Sacred Heart Convent 2017
32 052980099R St. Paul’s Church 2017
33 052910203R Vayalar Memorial Youth Club 2017
34 052910090R Jyothi Mahila Samajam 2017
35 052980160R Nambikolly Charitable Society 2017
36 052910020R Fishermens Devpt Progr. & Studies Centre 2017
37 052830096R Marthoma High School For The Deaf 2017
38 052940021R Maria Nagar Orphnge And Home For The Agd 2017
39 052980163R Sunni Muslim Ihsaniyya Trust 2017
40 052930064R Bahrain Centre 2017
41 052910231R Priyadharshini Mahila Samjam 2017
42 052940073R Nedumkandam Cultural Society 2017
43 052870195R Church Of God India(full Gospel)in India 2017
44 052830072R Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate 2017
45 052910286R Foundation For Integrated Research In Mental Health 2017
46 052910355R Karunya Charitable Society 2017
47 052910285R Hiv-aids Networking & Dwellingssociety 2017
48 052910351R VIMOCHITHA 2017
49 052910350R Akshaya Rural Development Organisation 2017
51 052910282R Indian Inst. Of Diabetes 2017
52 052890069R Darul Aman Islamic Complex Committee 2017
53 052870294R Sustainable Development Agency 2017
54 052830142R Kakkad Darunnajath Yateemkhana, Committee 2017
55 052810024R Pentecost Church Of God 2017
56 052940031R Don Bosco Bhavan 2017
57 052850431R The Kerala Muslim Educational Association (regd.) 2017
58 052910273R Co-memorial Vanitha Samlam 2017
59 052810049R Sava Samajam Childrens Home 2017
60 052880050R Vimala Home 2017
61 052810093R Save -a-family Plan, S.h. Seminary 2017
62 052910215R Sarojini Naidu Mahila Samajam 2017
63 052960019R Sreeniketan Centre for Social Development 2017
64 052910103R Cranthy Mahila Samajam 2017
65 052850024R Missionary Society Of St.francis Xavier 2017
66 052910361R SANTHI MANDIRAM 2017
67 052910318R Nava Dersini Mahila Samajam 2017
68 052830079R Kwaja Gareeb Navaz Sangham 2017
69 052880073R Calicut Orphanage 2017
70 052850231R Mother Of Life Convent 2017
72 052910213R Samoohaya Kshema Vanitha Samajam 2017
73 052850058R Our Lady Of Dolours Orphanage 2017
74 052910296R The Madhavimandiram Lok Seva Trust 2017
75 052950080R HIRA CHARITABLE TRUST 2017
76 052930222R Seven Seas Socio Economic Development Society 2017
77 052910091R Rashmi Mahila Samajam 2017
78 052910056R Deepthi Mahila Samajam 2017
79 052810124R The Aresseril Charitable & Educational Trust 2017
80 052930073R Our Lady Of Christian Convent 2017
81 052910325R Grameena Patana Kendram 2017
82 052910178R Bala Vikas 2017
83 052910174R Mahila Samajam 2017
84 052910145R Narayana Gurukulam 2017
85 052870312R Pranic Healing Foundation 2017
86 052830126R Kasaragod Muslim 2017
87 052850398R Al- Ammeen Educational Trust 2017
88 052980129R Lourdes Hatha Church 2017
89 052910019R Kerala Fedaration Of The Blind 2017
90 052830080R Peringathur Jammath Palli Mahalla 2017
91 052850395R Smith Nursery And Tech&trg Instt. 2017
92 052910336R Jesus the Love Ministries Trust 2017
93 052900238R Secular Fran. Order C/0 Nazreth Ashram 2017
94 052940079R The Classic Society for Charity Mission 2017
95 052810072R C.T.C.sisters St. Rita’s Convent 2017
96 052850497R Legal. Industrial & Socio-Educational Society of India 2017
97 052930100R Upahara Mata Niketan Weaving Centre 2017
98 052870162R St.vincent De Paul Providence House 2017
99 052850077R Lisie Hospital 2017
100 052910326R Navodaya Mahila Samajam 2017
101 052850489R Torture Prevention Centre-India Trust(Top Centre India Trust) 2017
102 052980028R Solidarity 2017
103 052910256R Swasraya Samajam 2017
104 052900207R Mount Carmel Ashram 2017
105 052870227R Friends For Social Justice 2017
106 052850465R Malik Deenar Islamic Development Charitable Trust 2017
107 052930025R Salem Orphanage 2017
108 052930216R Irshadul Hujjaj & Irshadiya Orphanage 2017
109 052900303R St. Vincent De Paul Dispensary 2017
110 052870188R M.g.d.m. Hospital 2017
111 052850348R Karunalayam Sisters Of The Destitute 2017
112 052910244R Harijan Mahila Samajam 2017
113 052870113R Family Apostolate Diocese Of Palai Family Centre 2017
114 052830057R Providence Church 2017
115 052910205R Mutakad Sanathana Mahila Samajam & Nursery School 2017
116 052910140R Vinoba Nikethan 2017
117 052880027R St. Josephs Monastery 2017
118 052850065R Sahachri Trust 2017
119 052830098R Peringathur Muslim Young Mens Assn 2017
120 052930045R Upahara Mata Niketan Convent 2017
122 052900223R Sneha Bhavan Society 2017
123 052810140R Global Educational Net (GENET) 2017
124 052930228R Love India Ministries 2017
125 052930227R Last Hour Ministry 2017
126 052930220R Believers Church India 2017
Now, you can make a call back request for FCRA advisory i.e. available to all NGOs & Banks for FREE by Ozg Law.
Ozg services includes –
=> Detailed assessment and advisory on status of compliance with provisions of FCRA 2010 and FCRR 2011.
=> Advisory on returns and information submitted to Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) in terms of compliance with the Act and Rules.
=> Advisory on maintenance of proper and prescribed books of accounts in compliance with provisions of Act and Rules.
=> Guidance on steps to be initiated for advance preparation of application for renewal of FCRA registration.
=> Advisory on present constitution of governing body in terms of compliance with Act and Rules.
=> Advisory on the relationship of your NGO with its donor organizations within the frame of rules and acts of FCRA.
=>Advisory on designated FCRA bank account operations.

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